We are rare in the energy market in that we look at a clients’ needs holistically across their assets. We are firmly of the belief that this is of significant benefit to both the client and to us, and ultimately enables us to offer a more cohesive offering.

Upstream Energy
  • Physical Damage and associated coverages
  • Control of Well
  • Business Interruption/Loss of Hire
  • Offshore Liabilities
  • Offshore Construction
Midstream Energy
  • Physical Damage and associated coverages
  • Business Interruption
Downstream Energy
  • Physical Damage and associated coverages
  • Business Interruption


The Environmental challenges confronting business is without doubt the defining challenge of our age. Inevitably, this is particularly the case with respect to energy business.

Horace is committed to helping clients achieve their goals in respect to this challenge. We have a clear policy of how progress to achieving these goals should be seen. We also expect to see that the transition plan is proportionate to the size and scope of the client organisation.

Given the rapidly changing technology that is developing in this area, with the level of investment predicted to be made in this field over at least the next decade, the challenges are going to be constantly evolving. We need to, and will, adapt to these changes and how we consider these risks will evolve in parallel with our clients.

The one constant in all of this is that our businesses need to have achieved net-zero by 2050. Everything we consider is looked at through the prism of achieving this goal, and we expect our clients to share these values.


Horace offers policies backed 100% by syndicates at Lloyd’s of London. They therefore have the following ratings from the respective rating agencies:

S&P                     AA-         Very Strong

AM Best               A                Excellent

Fitch                    AA-        Very Strong

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